Keep it Cosmic happy hour!

12 to 6pm — 2 of the same — £12


Cosmic Kiss ~ £7.50 ~ Contains nuts

Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur, Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum,
Dead Man’s Fingers pineapple rum lime, almond and pineapple 

Starry Eyes ~ £7.50

Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur, Borghetti, coffee, milk

Stargazer ~ £7.50

Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur, cloudy apple juice, crème de mure, cinnamon and lime

Dead Man’s Fingers Basic Bitch ~ £7.50

Dead Man’s Fingers mango rum, lychee, banana liqueur, pineapple and lime

Daiquiri 3 Ways ~ £7.50

We love our flavoured Daiquiris so much it’s impossible to pick a fave! Choose from banana, raspberry or lime Dead Man’s Fingers for this fruity twist on a classic.

Dead Man’s Fingers Stormy ~ £7.50

Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum, lime, ginger beer

Dead Man’s Fingers Cuba Libra ~ £7.50

Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum, lime, coke

Rum flights ~ £12

1 shot of Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur
+ 3 Dead Man’s Fingers flavours of your choice
+ free mixer

Corona Lager ~ 4 bottles ~ £12

2 Large glasses of house wine ~ £12

punch bowls

serves 2–4 people

Dead Man Walking ~ £18

We got a Dead Man Walking here! Our twist on a Zombie with Dead Man’s Fingers spiced. Not for the fainthearted

White Rum Sangria ~ £18

Our take on the classic Spanish Sangria, with Aluna Coconut Rum, Cointreau, St Germain elderflower liqueur, fresh apple juice, mint and Sauvignon Blanc white wine

Tropical Margarita ~ £18

A certain mystique draws you in and gets the taste buds salivating in this tequila punch bowl. Saludos Amigo!

Dessert Cocktails

After 8 ~ £8.95

This after dinner cocktail has made a comeback, starring mint, chocolate and cream

Stargazy Affogato ~ £8.95

A Cornish take on this absolute classic. The Stargazy kick combined with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso coffee will finish your meal off perfectly

in other news …

St Ives gin Sling ~ £9.95

Our take on a tiki classic, using local St Ives Gin. Fruity, boozy and goes down like a tropical punch

Diplomatico Old Fashioned ~ £9.95

This is the drink that the Shack was founded on. This rich, sweet, fruity rum is one of our favourites, here stirred down slowly over ice

Whiskey Julep ~ £9.95

Associated with the Southern states in USA, this drink just had to make an appearance on our menu. A bourbon-based cocktail with sugar and mint creates real harmony

Dead Man’s Fingers Porn Star Martini ~ £9.95

Dead Man’s Fingers passionfruit rum, Old J Silver, lime sugar and a shot of prosecco

Honey Cosmo ~ £8.95

When it comes to creating a tiki twist on a cosmo, the Honey Cosmo is the perfect answer. Using cranberry and lime juice from the original, this drink adds fresh muddled berries and honey tequila to lend sweet rich flavours

Aperol Spritz ~ £8.95 

This slightly bitter, vibrantly good drink has been a staple aperitif in Italy since the 1950s. Aromatic with citrus and slightly bitter, it’s paired perfectly with chilled prosecco

Old J Mojito ~ £8.95

Go classic with this refreshing blend of mint, lime and sugar muddled with Old J rum, finished with a drizzle of Skipper rum. A winner on those sticky, sunny afternoons

Wray and Ting ~ £8.95

This combination of overproof rum and grapefruit soda has become a phenomenon in Jamaica and beyond

Tiki Whisky Sour ~ £7.95

Wild Turkey bourbon, lime and Tiki Bitters – our take on a New York classic.

Aloha Baby! ~ £7.95

Fresh pineapple and chilli infused spirit, basil and mint topped with red wine. Spread the Aloha!

no booze here

Strawberry Fields ~ £5.95

Fresh strawberries, mint and apple juice

Virgin Mojito ~ £5.95

The classic mint, lime and sugar with lemonade and without the booze

Virgin Pina Colada ~ £5.95

Coconut syrup, cream and fresh pineapple juice