Keep it Cosmic happy hour!

12 to 9pm — 2 of the same — £14


Rum Shack Slap (Long) ~ £7.50 Contains nuts

Warm your cockles with a hot rum slap – rum and spices make this the ultimate winter drink 

Cosmic Kiss (Long) ~ £8.50 ~ Contains nuts

Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur,  Dead Man’s Fingers pineapple rum lime, almond and pineapple 

Starry Eyes (Short) ~ £8.50

Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur, Borghetti, coffee, milk

Stargazer (Long) ~ £8.50

Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liquer, cloudy apple juice, Crème De Mure, cinnamon and lime

Dead Man’s Fingers Basic Bitch (Long) ~ £8.50

Dead Man’s Fingers mango rum, lychee, banana liqueur, pineapple and lime

Daiquiri 3 Ways (Short) ~ £8.50

We love our flavoured Daiquiris so much it’s impossible to pick a fave! Choose from banana, raspberry or lime Dead Man’s Fingers for this fruity twist on a classic.

Dead Man’s Fingers Stormy (Long) ~ £8.50

Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum, lime, ginger beer

Dead Man’s Fingers Cuba Libra (Long) ~ £8.50

Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum, lime, coke

happier still!

12 to 9pm — more Happy Hour happiness

Rum flights ~ £14

1 shot of Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur
+ 3 Dead Man’s Fingers flavours of your choice + free mixer

4 bottles of house beer ~ £14

2 Large glasses of house wine ~ £14

punch bowls & jugs

punch bowls~ £28 ~ serves  4 people punch jugs ~ £15 ~serves 2 people

Dead Man Walking ~ £28 / £15

We got a Dead Man Walking here! Our twist on a Zombie with Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum. Not for the fainthearted

White Rum Sangria ~ £28 / £15

Our take on the classic Spanish Sangria, with Havana 3 rum, Cointreau, elderflower liqueur, fresh apple juice, mint and Sauvignon Blanc white wine

Tropical Margarita ~ £28 / £15

A certain mystique draws you in and gets the taste buds salivating in this tequila punch bowl. Saludos Amigo!

frozen Cocktails

2 for £14 all day

Frozen Pina Colado ~ £7.50

Dead Man’s Fingers rum for a Pina Colada style slushie (non alcoholic available)

Frozen Porn Star ~ £7.50

Dead Man’s Fingers passionfruit and pineapple. A bittersweet, exotic blend, an alcoholic slushy you can’t get enough of

Bartender’s Choice ~ £7.50

Ask our bartenders what frozen wonders they have created today!

in other news …

Negroni ~ £9.95

Invented in 1919 by Count Negroni it still remains a classic aperetivo drink, stirring equal measures of Caspyn Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth over ice with the zest of a fresh orange

Diplomatico Old Fashioned ~ £9.95

This is the drink that the Shack was founded on. This rich, sweet, fruity rum is one of our favourites, here stirred down slowly over ice. 

Zombie ~ £9.95

This 1930’s Donn Beach Tiki classic is tropical but deadly. Made with a mix of rum and fruit juices… it creeps up on you!

Dead Man’s Fingers Porn Star Martini ~ £9.95

Dead Man’s Fingers passionfruit rum, lime sugar and a shot of prosecco

Dead Man’s Grip ~ £9.95 ~ Contains egg white

A rum sour made with Dead Mans Fingers spiced rum combined with lemon, lime, egg white, passionfruit and a and a splash of Benedictine. Dont let it get a grip…

tiki and Ting ~ £8.95

This combination of overproof rum and refreshing grapefruit soda has become renowned in Jamaica and beyond

Paloma ~ £8.95

A margarita’s baby sister, sweet sour and a little bit salty. Espolon Tequilla, lime and pink grapefruit topped with soda 

Aperol Spritz ~ £8.95 

An Italian staple since the 1950s, vibrantly aromatic with citrus notes, Aperol is paired perfectly with chilled prosecco

Old J Mojito ~ £8.95

Go classic with this refreshing blend of mint, lime and sugar muddled with Old J rum, with a drizzle of dark rum. A winner on those sticky, sunny afternoons.

Moscow Mule ~ £8.95

A combination of  fiery ginger beer, vodka and fresh lime. The elusive balance between spicy, sweet and strong kicks like a mule

no booze here

2 of the same£12

Lyre’s Negroni ~ £7.50

This classic aperitif is a great stirred-down cocktail, full of surprises – an Italian orange treat

Virgin Mojito ~ £7.50

The magic mint, lime and sugar combination without the booze

Virgin Pina Colada ~ £7.50

Coconut syrup, cream and fresh pineapple juice